Baba Ramdev gives booster shot to Team Anna's campaign

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Anna Hazare-Baba Ramdev
New Delhi, Jul 28: With the anti-corruption protest fast planned by Team Anna and headed by crusader Anna Hazare not evoking enthusiastic response from supporters, yogu guru Baba Ramdev made a fervent plea to those gathered at the Jantar Mantar to render their unconditional support to the cause.

Baba Ramdev was at the fast venue on Friday when he noted that the anti-graft movement by Anna had lost its sheen and people were slowly withdrawing their support to this much-hyped crusade. Speaking to mediapersons later, he added that for a movement to be successful, mass support was essential.

Ramdev has been quoted as saying, "I do not want to make comments against anyone. I have a lot of respect for Anna Hazare and want to bring change in the society. But for any mass movement to be called successful, participation of nearly one per cent of the total population is a must."

As Ramdev came on to the protest venue, the crowds started swelling but soon diminished as soon as he left Jantar Mantar. In an effort to boost the supporter's spirit, Ramdev commented, "This is a brave act by any person who wants to dedicate his life for the development of the country. Every Indian should join hands with Anna Hazare and his associates who are fasting for such a noble cause. This is a country of 1.21 billion people and not an ancestral property of any political party."

Baba Ramdev also urged the spirited supporters to refrain from hurling allegations at the country's first citizen, President Pranab Mukherjee since he holds the most coveted position in the country.

He added, "There is provision in the Constitution that a case cannot be registered against the President of the country, not even a FIR. If the Constitution of the country has given the President such a respectable position, then we should not make allegations against the person holding the position."

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