Olympic Village worse than Delhi's CWG Village?

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London Olympics Village
London, Jul 26: London Olympics 2012 wears a different look with the terror attack of a different kind. Swarms of moths of Tineola bisselliella and Tineola pellionella species arrived at the Olympics Village, which attracted a huge blaze of light seen from miles away.

LondonOlympics 2012 Specials

The Village which boasts with 9000 brand new wardrobes, for athletes to arrange their clothing for the next two weeks, looked like a paradise for the insects.

Moreover, moths find the Olympic Stadium a hot-spot as the pest control sales daily determine which are the areas that are affected the most.

While in Stratford, the problem has been described as an escalating 'epidemic'. It is supposedly 40 times bigger than the problem faced by people in Newcastle upon Tyne, 400 times worse than Belfast and greater than in the whole of Scotland.

"They show no respect for Savile Row suits, Primark jumpers or athletes' outfits," said the Caraselledirect firm's moth expert, Jonathan Beriland.

It is learnt that the sudden increase of moths in London is due to unseasonal spells of cold and wet weather.

Meanwhile, the problem faced by the homes, offices and flats in the Olympic Village is increasing every passing day as the windows are closed with the heat on, it is a perfect place for moths to lay eggs that turn into cloth-eating larvae.

While female moths can lay 40 eggs in three weeks, producing larvae which may carry on eating for upto a year before becoming pupa.

The Olympic officials after repeated complaints about damaged clothing had also reported "munching sounds from the athletes' wardrobes", according to the daily.

There were reports about an athlete spending an uncomfortable night at the Olympics Village swatting moths after leaving his balcony doors open and dozing off with lights on.

Looks like this can be related to the problems faced by the athletes when they were in India for the Common Wealth Games, as the Common Wealth Games Village was a total disaster with athletes complaining about everything.

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