Bring back black money and become PM: Ramdev to Rahul

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Baba Ramdev
Bangalore, Jul 19: After the hue and cry to prompt Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi to play a larger role in the government only gets louder, popular anti-corruption crusader and yoga guru Baba Ramdev has also lent his support to Rahul based on a condition. Ramdev has stated that Rahul can become the Prime Minister if he brings back all the black money stashed abroad.

Baba Ramdev has been quoted as saying to reporters, "I am sure millions of people would like Rahul Gandhi to be a permanent Prime Minister if he succeeds in getting back the black money kept in overseas banks and fully eliminates corruption."

Ramdev also welcomed the Congress' move to assign a bigger role for the young Gandhi scion, unless he fulfilled people's expectations. He also warned that there would be a backlash if he failed to do so. He added, "There is no wrong in infusing young blood into the party but it cannot be at the cost of critical issues such as black money, corruption and good governance."

Ramdev also commented in harsh words, "If he and his UPA government dilly-dally on meeting our key demands, then people would boycott his party socially and politically." He spoke during the unveiling of the Bharat Swabhiman's state unit office in Bangalore.

Baba Ramdev has made plans for a massive protest in New Delhi from Aug 9 on the issue of black money and declared that the Congress would lose its trust if the black money stashed abroad was not brought back to the country. He said, "We will tell people not to vote for the ruling alliance, especially the Congress, in the next general elections, as they have betrayed the nation by not acting against black money holders."

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