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Mumbai, Jul 17: "How do I Foster Innovation at the Workplace"

Talking about music does not make you a singer. Attending live concerts may help you appreciate music but it still does not make you a singer. To be a singer you need to learn music and practice under the guidance of a good teacher. This is true of sports too. There is no substitute for learning and practising under continuous guidance. This is equally true for organisations that want to foster innovation. Talking about innovation does not help. Innovation training sows the seed for innovation thinking. But what makes it grow is nurturing and a good encouraging climate. Very few Business Leaders know how to do this well.

R Sridhar, Innovation Coach, IDEAS-RS on Jul 11 has just launched a unique "Innovation Coaching" programme. It is unique because it is a dual coaching process that involves one-to-one coaching for the Business Leader and group coaching for his immediate reports.

This dual process recognises the specific roles that the business leader and his team need to play - alone and together - to deliver innovation that matters. It is a six month engagement process that delivers specific outcomes relevant to the business leader and his team.

The one to one coaching process for the business leader is based on Gerard Egan's three step helping process. The group coaching process is based Creative Block Busting© - a proprietary process that helps break habitual thinking.

R Sridhar brings to the table his rich experience from the fields of advertising, brands and consulting. He was a Director at Ogilvy India and worked there for 25 years. He knows what it means to foster a climate of innovation and get the best out of creative teams. He is a certified facilitator from Synectics, Boston, trained in Advanced Consulting Skills from Designed Learning, New York and an accredited CEO Coach from The Executive Coaching Foundation of India. He has conducted more than 350 Creative Block Busting© workshops helping people get out of habitual ways of thinking. His personal mission "Helping people who want to do things better, differently". His clients love his ability to "simplify, clarify and make the thinking process rigorous but enjoyable in a non-threatening way".

Business Leaders who have seen his presentation "Innovation Coaching - what it is, what it does" believe that what he has to offer is timely and relevant.

About R Sridhar, Innovation Coach:

R Sridhar is an Innovation Coach, with extensive experience in the fields of advertising, Direct marketing and brands. He has been helping individuals and organisations benefit from the power of ideas. He is passionate about helping people who want to do things better or differently.

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