Scribe who shot Guwahati molestation says it was 'gangrape'

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Guwahati culprits
Guwahati, Jul 14: With the shocking video of the Class 11 student being thrashed, stripped and molested by an unruly mob of more than 20 people in the busy streets of Guwahati going viral, Indians, both men and women are outraged by the brazenness of the attack. After a dismal reaction from the authorities and only 4 arrests made so far, the focus has been diverted to the person who managed to record the gruesome video with fingers being pointed as to why he did not help the victim in distress.

The person who managed to shoot the footage is a Newslive reporter, Dipya Bordoloi who was a witness to the brutal attack of the hapless girl. Recalling the incident, he said, "It wasn't molestation, it was like gang-rape."

Bordoloi claimed that he tried to intervene to rescue the girl and said, "The mob was growing. There were about 50 very angry people there." He also added that besides the mob, there were other mute spectators who just watched the brazen act. He said, "She was crying for help, but no one came forward."

This was when Bordoloi decided to step back and asked the cameraman to roll and shoot the act committed by the rowdies. The act apparently continued for 40 minutes till the police arrived and rescued her.

The video that went viral showed the faces of the perpetrators clearly where the girl is repeatedly thrown down to the ground, stripped and thrashed. Some of the attackers even look into the camera, showing no sign of remorse or guilt. Some of them also forced the girl to show her face to the camera to expose her identity.

The news channel claims that the portion where the girl reveals her identity has been edited out. But there are many unedited versions of the same doing the rounds on the internet. The Facebook accounts of some of the culprits have been targeted with many netizens choosing to vent their anger through the social networking site.

The Managing Editor of Newslive, Syed Zarir Hussain, has been quoted as saying to a popular news channel, "If we had shut our cameras, those arrested would have gone scot free."

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