Abdul Kalam to reveal many more secrets of Indian politics?

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Abdul Kalam
Bangalore, Jul 4: Former President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam may unveil more secrets of Indian politics which may create more controversies and debates among the politicos. With his upcoming book - Turning Point A Journey Through Challenges has already stormed Indian politics, critics believe that many more are on the pipeline.

According to Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr, Dr Kalam should uncover many more truths. In an article published in the daily DNA, Mr Rao claimed, Kalam's revelation appears to have called the rabid right-wingers' bluff. However, the story remains incomplete.

Dr Kalam in his book claimed that he was willing to swear in Congress President Mrs Sonia Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India after the 2004 general elections but she proposed Manmohan Singh's name instead.

The former President acknowledges that "I had a number of emails and letters coming from individuals, organisations and parties that I should not allow Mrs Sonia Gandhi to become the Prime Minister of our country. I had passed on these mails and letters to various agencies in the government for their information without making any remarks. During this time, there were many political leaders who came to meet me to request me not to succumb to any pressure and appoint Mrs Gandhi as the Prime Minister, a request that would not have been constitutionally tenable."

Citing Kalam's above mentioned statement in the book, Mr Rao also claimed, "The names of the leaders who raised objections are not out."

"If responsible political leaders had raised those objections, then Kalam should reveal their names or those who raised these issues should own them up," added Mr Rao.

Cracking a whip on JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav, Mr Rao stated, Yadav is angry that Kalam has waited for five years to speak. It is not clear whether the JD(U) leader is unhappy with the timing of Kalam's revelations, or he thinks what the former president is saying is not the whole truth. Then, instead of getting angry, he should give his own version of it if he knows anything of these matters.

Mr Yadav earlier had hit out at Dr Kalam for his comments that he was ready to appoint Sonia Gandhi as prime minister in 2004 despite intense lobbying against her.

Yadav, who is also the NDA convenor, said, "his (Kalam's) conscience has woken up late. It is for self-aggrandisement. We used to respect him a lot but now we are very saddened after such comments".

However, while concluding his article, Mr Rao claimed that the whole truth remains to be uncovered and instead commented, "Kalam might be telling the truth as much as knows it. But there are other aspects he might not know."

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