Venus's transit across sun excites stargazers, astronomers

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Bangalore: Wednesday brought a special occasion to stargazers and astronomers for a rare event was taking place up in the skies. The planet Venus, the second in the solar system, was passing in front of the Sun, the journey taking little over four hours. Expert sources said the speed of Venus was expected between 35-36 km per second.

The event was a special one indeed for Venus will again pass between Sun and Earth in 2117, 105 years from now. The last time the Venus had made such a voyage was on June 8, 2004.

American space agency NASA said the Venus's latest transit was the seventh since the invention of the telescope. The agency's Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft would use the occasion to fine-tune its instruments and carry out more study on Venus.

The planet's voyage was also significant for it was occurring at a time when India was exploring possibilities to launch an unmanned spacecraft to Venus. If everything falls in place, the Indian mission to Venus would be launched in May 2015.

Such a rare celestial event gained worldwide attention first in the 18th century. It had helped space scientists then to make considerable advancement in their field.

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