After Advani slur; now BJP mouthpiece slams Modi's rise

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New Delhi, Jun 1: Dissidence in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has finally come out in the open after an article appeared in the BJP mouthpiece Kamal Sandesh that virtually slammed the rise of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi and said that he was a man in a hurry who is damaging the fabric of the party. This censure comes a day after senior BJP leader LK Advani rebuked BJP President Nitin Gadkari through his blog and stated that "the mood within the party is not upbeat".

Indicating differences within the ranks, Advani added that while they were angry with the UPA government, they had similar feelings with the BJP as well.

The editorial in Kamal Sandesh on the recently concluded BJP National Executive says, “As one ascends the ladder, his understanding should also elevate. But the irony is that it is always seen that on reaching the top even after knowing that a day will come when he has to come down he tries to belittle the one's below him. When we applaud a person more than required then we in fact ourselves open the door of his possible distraction. Similarly, if one is criticized in extremity, we open the door for his possible exit."

The BJP, however, chose to downplay the issue and stood their ground putting up a united front. Advani was also understood being upset with the RSS who favoured a second term for Nitin Gadkari that might have been the reason that he chose to skip the rally post the National Executive that was promptly highlighted by the media.

The fact that the party’s old guard like Dr Sanjay Joshi and Advani have to sidestep to make way for the new Gadkari-Modi duo is seen as a reason for this irk.

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