PM paints rosy picture on UPA anniv;claims unfinished agenda

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PM Manmohan Singh
New Delhi, May 23: Even as the UPA received flak on policy paralysis and governance issues from various quarters on the occasion of its third anniversary, the annual report card presented by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sought to present an overall rosy picture. In his speech, he said that there was a 'need to do better'.

Singh said, “It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this function to mark the completion of the third year of the second UPA government. I believe that the annual Report to the People that we are releasing today presents an objective statement of what we have achieved in office over the past year. I welcome an informed and constructive debate on our performance. We will be the first to say we need to do better. But let no one doubt that we have achieved much.”

On the shaky economic situation India had to face, Singh commented, “Despite an adverse international environment, the economy grew by about 7 per cent in 2011-12, which is amongst the highest in the world. Sustained high rates of growth during the UPA Government's tenure have enabled us to pursue our agenda of inclusive and equitable growth.”

Highlighting some of the UPA's achievements, the PM added, “Poverty has declined at twice the rate that it did before the UPA Government's tenure. There have been notable successes in agriculture. The agricultural growth rate has risen to 3.3 per cent per annum in the 11th Five Year Plan as against 2.3% per annum in the 10th Five Year Plan. Rural wages also have increased. Farmers have been given handsome prices for their crops."

He also added, “This year has seen record foodgrain production, crossing 250 million tonnes for the first time in our history. More than Rs 2 lakh crore were disbursed to 2.75 crore marginal and small farmers as loans."

On the UPA's efforts to uplift the education sector Singh stated, “Primary school enrollment has become near universal. We have opened 51,000 schools and appointed 6.8 lakh teachers in the last two years.”

The emerging telecom market and the energy sector was also mentioned in the PMs speech where he said, “India was the second fastest growing telecom market in the world. We added nearly 10 crore new telephone connections last year, including more than 4 crore in rural areas. We added new power generation capacity of 20,000 MW last year which is almost equal to the capacity added during the entire 10th Five Year Plan Period. We provided 35 lakh new electricity connections in rural India last year.”

He also took the opportunity to congratulate the scientists involved in the test launch of the ambitious Agni-5 long range ballistic missile and the successful fabrication and launch of the RISAT-1 satellite. "Last year saw the flawless test launch of the Agni-5 long range ballistic missile and the successful fabrication and launch of the RISAT-1 satellite which can take images even in cloudy weather. I congratulate our scientists on these great achievements," he said.

On the bilateral relations between other countries, Singh commented, “The success of the BRICS Summit held in New Delhi reflects India's growing presence on the world stage. As a responsible member of the United Nations Security Council and other international fora, we have made important contributions in addressing global issues.”

Briefing on various other issues, Manmohan Singh said, "Despite these real achievements, there are uncertainties and a large unfinished agenda before us."

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