Narendra Modi as PM creating waves in Twitter

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Narendra Modi
Ahmedabad: Like the mainstream media, the ‘ModiasPMBecause’ trend in the Twitter has also picked up, with a variety of answers beginning to pour in from various parts of the country as well as abroad.

‘ModiasPMBecause’ has featured on the trend list for the last 12 hours and occupied the numero uno slot for the longest period!

Most of the Tweeters saw in Narendra Modi, the ability and dynamism to lead India at a time when serious questions are being raised about her. Some Tweeters stressed various development initiatives that the Modi government has initiated in Gujarat in sectors like power, e-governance, solar energy and water conservation, among other things. His popular international standing was also seen a reason why he should be PM.

Many saw Modi as the best-suited leader to deliver what Mahatma Gandhi called ‘Ram Rajya’. Some wrote that Modi, as India's PM, will do what Sardar Patel could have done as the PM while for others, Modi resembled Swami Vivekananda!

Some lighter tweets suggested Modi, after becoming the PM, would give workers like him a chance to dance outside Race Course Road while another said he looked forward to play Holi at the PM's residence. One person suggested ‘Modi as PM’ will mean more dignity to the army and less censorship on the media.

This is not the first time Modi finds himself at the top of such surveys. In February this year, India Today also came out with their ‘Mood of the Nation Poll’ where Modi totally outsmarted Rahul Gandhi and PM Singh. In September 2011, a USA Congress Think Tank called him the ‘King of Governance’. WikiLeaks also shared global views on Modi as a strong choice as the PM of India.

Modi also became the first BJP leader and Chief Minister to have featured on the cover page of the Time Magazine. Brookings, USA’s oldest and most reputed think tank lauded the decade of peace and development in Gujarat while Financial Times showed how all sections of Gujarat, particularly the youth, saw hope in Modi’s style and approach to governance.

Recent developments reveal that the nation is tried of the UPA and the only credible alternative that the countrymen see ahead is Modi. The poll results show that Modi is well-equipped to handle any form of government with any party. Several NDA allies as well leaders like Raj Thackeray, Jayalalithaa and Naveen Patnaik are said to have good relations with him. It is only a matter of time before the political class accepts this reality and Modi sets on the mission to give a new hope to a nation bruised by inefficient and corrupt governance.

A recent survey by ABP-Nielsen declared Modi as the popular choice of the nation to be Prime Minister and he was ahead of Congress heavyweights like Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. Predictably, Modi is the change the country wants to see.

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