Students taught-Pak part of Ind, Narasimha Rao the PM!

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New Delhi, May 17: After the cartoon row created quite a ruckus in Parliament, the Lok Sabha witnessed another matter that can be termed anything but absurd. According to an AIADMK MP S Semmalai, school students in some states are being taught that Pakistan is a part of India and that India’s Prime Minister is PV Narasimha Rao.

While the Lok Sabha was discussing the matter on the cartoon controversy on Ambedkar in CBSE textbooks during the discussion on Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Amendment Bill, 2011, the AIADMK member divulged this startling fact.

He spoke in the floor of the House, “In the CBSE textbooks of Karnataka, it is mentioned even now that Pakistan is a part of India. It went on to state that American Constitution is based on capitalism. Class-III students of Urdu medium in Andhra Pradesh are taught that PV Narasimha Rao is the Prime Minister of the country.” This comment of his evoked laughter in the Assembly.

Further evoking guffaws, the MP said, “In the CBSE textbooks, a forest is defined as a group of trees and heavy industry is defined as one where heavy type of raw materials are used."

Throwing light on the dismal education levels in the country, Semmalai said that only 15 per cent of graduates are suitable for employment and it is a sorry state of affairs. He also added that the education  at all levels are in a pitiable state from primary to higher levels.

He commented, “If this is the quality and stuff that we provide to our students, one can imagine what will be the standard of our students. Unless we make concerted efforts to allocate six per cent of GDP to education, our goal will remain unreachable.”

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