Ramdev says self-professed godman in S Ind worth Rs 5000 cr!

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Baba Ramdev
Meerut, May 12: With an FIR filed against self-proclaimed godman Nirmal Baba, it seems Yoga guru, Baba Ramdev is pained by the negative publicity that spiritual leaders and so-called godmen are attracting in India. Ramdev stated that 'deceitful' godmen and self-proclaimed spiritual leaders are carrying out fraudulent acts and deceiving people in the name of destroying dark forces.

Ramdev has been quoted as saying, "These days, a lot of fraud and deceit is being perpetrated in the name of destroying dark forces, negative impact of unfavourable planetary positions and exorcisms from evil spirits. Many such persons claim to be blessing people with delicacies and sweetmeats. There is another self-proclaimed holy man in southern India, who possesses assets worth Rs 5000 crore."

Only recently the popular godman Nirmal Baba was exposed after he was alleged to have swindled money from followers in the pretext of offering solutions to their problems. He had allegedly earned unaccounted wealth worth millions from doing so.

Nirmal Baba shot to fame among a cross section of the population by claiming to treat diseases, emotional issues and family problems. He owned property worth millions by asking donations in 'darbars' or 'samagams' (meetings) of Nirmal Baba that was being held in different cities, including Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. The same was aired in various television channels throughout the country.

The occasion also saw Baba Ramdev speaking on the coal scam that has hit the country. He commented on the looting of the country's natural resources, "The coal scam has blackened the faces of many individuals. When I spoke out against the coal scam, many spokespersons and senior leaders of the present government came on television and asked me why do I always come forward whenever any scandal takes place?"

He added, "I replied that this country belongs to us, and if you try to loot even a single rupee from India's exchequer, I will not only speak out but even try my best to retrieve the money."

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