Hafiz Saeed snubs Ind-Pak trade ties; China most preferred?

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Hafiz Saeed
Lahore, May 9: Even as terror mastermind Hafiz Saeed is enjoying his freedom in Pakistan and was extensively talked about in US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent visit to India, Saeed still manages to inject anti-India sentiments among hardliners in neighbouring Pakistan. The irony being that even as India and Pakistani businessmen are discussing ways to boost bilateral trade on Tuesday in Lahore, Saeed is continuing to spew more venom on India by declaring in a rally warning bizmen against doing trade with India.

With the Indian and Pakistani businessmen engaged in productive dialogue on how to boost trade between both countries, Hafiz Saeed was carrying out an anti-India rally only a kilometer away from the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore where the meeting was held.

Issuing a stern warning of sorts, Saeed warned Pakistani traders from doing business with India and commenting that the same would amount to "economic murder" of Pakistan. The rally was organised under the banner of the Defa-e-Pakistan Council and was attended by workers of the Jamaat-ud-Dawah.

He also called the Pakistani traders keen on business with India were conspiring against their country. He commented, “If they are interested to boost economic ties with neighbouring countries, they should prefer China. I want to tell Pakistani businessmen that we are not against trade with neighbouring countries. But I appeal to them, do not do it with India.”

Broaching the topic of Kashmir, Saeed said that the Pakistani government, politicians and businessmen should tell India that there will be “no peace and no trade" unless the Kashmir issue and sharing of the river water matter are resolved.

Continuing his tirade against India, Saeed said, "We are against giving Most Favoured Nation- status to India. If the US or India has any evidence against me regarding my involvement in the Mumbai attacks, it should present it in the international court of law. I will fight the case.

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