Chidambaram biggest murderer of democracy, chides Agnivesh

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New Delhi, May 8: The former aide of Anna Hazare and the well-known social activist, Swamy Agnivesh spit venom at the Union Home Minister while calling P Chidambaram "the biggest murderer of democracy."

While expressing his disappointment with the present UPA government led by Congress, Agnivesh asserted that the government has not done anything for those who have been suffering at the Maoists-stronghold areas in the country.

"The government has done nothing to address the issues of rights of poor tribals peacefully and lawfully. I feel disappointed. I doubt Chidambaram's intentions, if he is really serious in ending the problem as he claims," stated Agnivesh, who in 2010 was appointed as an interlocutor between the ultras and government. However, the process of peace talk went in vain as it failed to break the ice between the two sides.

Agnivesh also recalled the military operation - Operation Green Hunt which was conducted in the Maoists-infested area. "This operation Green Hunt... it is a military operation, but the real intent is to grab the natural resources and distribute them to a few corporate houses."

Dragging Chidambaram's name in all these, the social activists finally chided, "Chidambaram is more violent than Maoists. He is the biggest murderer of democracy."

Agnivesh did not leave any stone unturned. He reminded people about the "encounter" of Maoists leader Cherukuri Rajkumar alias Azad and said that it was not an "encounter" but it was a "cold blooded murder".

"He was shot at in point-blank range. Encounters don't happen at such a short distance," said Azad. The activist also asserted that he and his team will travel in the country and will "mobilize youth and expose this government of corrupt people who serve interests of none but business houses."

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