Similarities b/w Sai Baba & godman Nirmal Baba

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New Delhi, Apr 20: Despite several stern controversies over Nirmal Baba, the followers of the godman still keep their faith on the spiritual guru. Their beliefs on their guru compel them to think that Nirmal Baba shares some common features with Sai Baba.

According to supporters and true followers of Nirmal Baba, their guru can show magics with his divine power as Shirdi Sai Baba used to show.

The devotees of Nirmal Baba also show few more similarities between Shirdi Sai Baba and Nirmal Baba saying that even Shirdi Sai had faced opposition during his lifetime as Nirmal has been facing since last few weeks.

During a samagam in Delhi on Wednesday, Apr 18, a follower of Nirmal Baba has been quoted as saying, "...even Sai Baba used to show his magical powers just like you (Nirmal Baba) do."

Showing their wrath on the media for allegedly pursuing an anti-Nirmal Baba campaign, the godman's disciples claimed, "...they (the media) will face the wrath of fate, definitely."

Meanwhile, Nirmal Baba claimed, "My devotees are themselves exposing these conspiracies. It's they (media) who are being exposed by bringing forth fake devotees and getting them to say things against me."

Earlier, the supporters of Nirmal Baba lashed out at the media for showing the self-proclaimed Godman in a negative light after a series of controversies started questioning his genuineness as a spiritual guru.

According to his followers, the media is trying to tarnish Nirmal Baba's image by not reporting the truth. They further said that media's allegations against Nirmal Baba will have no effect on their belief towards spiritual guru.

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