Rahul Gandhi related to Narendra Modi; Now Cong can owe Guj

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Narendra Modi
Bangalore, Apr 19: Congress received a Brahmastra (a weapon created by Lord Brahma) just ahead of the crucial assembly election in Gujarat where the party can easily owe the voters after projecting Rahul Gandhi's relation with the Gujaratis.

Many Indians would be shocked after getting to know that Rahul Gandhi is related to Gujaratis and to its Chief Minister Narendra Modi. The general secretary of the All India Congress Committee (AICC) Rahul Gandhi is a Gujarati. Rahul Gandhi is the grandson of Firoze Gandhi and Indira Gandhi. Firoze Gandhi was a Parsi and all Parsis are Gujaratis.

Renowned writer and critic, Achyut Yagnik, during an interview with a website, claimed that Rahul Gandhi should project himself as a Gujarati to own the hearts of the people in the state and that also at the time when Gujarat is decking itself up for the upcoming assembly election which is expected to be held later in the year 2012.

"This is very confusing. Being a grandson of Feroze Gandhi, a Parsi, Rahul can certainly project himself as a Gujarati,' said the writer and also added, "The Congress should take advantage of the Gandhi family's undeniable link to Gujarat. Rahul Gandhi is a Gujarati."

Mr Yagnik also remembered the incident when Indira Gandhi was hailed massively by her statement that she was a bahu (daughter-in-law) of Gujarat. Indira Gandhi's statement in early seventies had brought her applause and now Rahul Gandhi also can use the same mantra (formula) to fetch a secured position for the Congress in the hearts of Gujaratis.

According to Mr Yagnik, Rahul Gandhi can beat Narendra Modi and BJP's game plan if he (Rahul Gandhi) projects himself as a Gujarati rather than a mere Brahmin.

Recently, the general secretary of the AICC claimed, "I am a Brahmin...and general secretary in the party." Speculations claim that the statement by the junior Gandhi could be one of the party's tactics to woo the upper caste vote banks towards it and is being looked down upon as a plan to deviate its path from the lower caste voter group that includes the SC, ST and OBCs.

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