Pak bomber's plan to blow Walmart, NSE in NY revealed!

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New York, Apr 18: A Pakistani bomb-maker has revealed stunning details on how he had plotted to target key US landmarks like Walmart, the New York Stock Exchange, Times Square, subways, movie theatres etc…The expose was made by the bomb maker during the course of interrogation on his plans made along with an al Qaeda handler in Pakistan.

He was also involved in a foiled 2009 plot against New York city's subways. The accused, Najibullah Zazi has been quoted as saying in court, "We started the conversation on such targets as Walmart, the New York Stock Exchange, Times Square, subways, movie theatres, I believe buses were mentioned too." He was speaking at the trial of his alleged co-conspirator, Adis Medunjanin. Zazi, who is a Pakistani immigrant and Zerein Ahmedzay, an Afghani immigrant have already pleaded guilty.

Medunjanin, a Bosnian immigrant is also alleged to be a part of the crime after he was believed to have travelled with his two Pakistani friends to receive terrorist training and was very much part of devising the deadly scheme.

Zazi testified on Tuesday that it was Medunjanin who had provided him with audio recordings of terrorist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki promoting jihad. He added that he wanted to become a part of the Taliban "before they win and America leaves, I should go and be a part of it".

Zazi mentioned when he was testifying, “My understanding was they wanted me to carry out a martyrdom operation." He also said that the three people initially resisted.

The prosecutors hearing the case said that Medunjanin and the two others hatched a plan to fill backpacks with explosives and blow them up on New York subway stations.

As per the prosecutors, the three men travelled to Pakistan's tribal belt - "the centre of al Qaeda activity against the United States" and join the terror group there after being irked at the heavy US troop presence in Afghanistan and Iraq. There they were reportedly given "special treatment" and "private training by al Qaeda" because of their coveted status as US citizens.

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