Bangalore Imam seeks hanging of Baby Afreen's monster father

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Baby Afreen
Bangalore, Apr 12: After yet another sad instance of a baby girl having to let go off her precious life after being subjected to inhuman torture at the hands of her own father, Baby Afreen shocked and saddened all. The incident just showing the sad state of affairs that harps on gender equality and rights for the girl child. Muslim leaders have come to the fore and demanded that Afreen’s father be punished in the harshest way.

Imam Abdul Khader Shah of Jumma Masjid, Bangalore’s oldest mosque has been quoted as saying, “I wish we could stone him to death.” His emotion seems to be completely in tune with the large number of people across the world who expressed shock and horror over the incident. Another religious leader, Umar Farooq added, “He is what we call a zaalim, the most cruel of them all, to kill an innocent child.”

The Imam in his tirade against the monster father who is currently lodged in the Parappana Agrahar jail said, “According to Sharia Law, death by stoning (sansar) is permitted only for adulterers. But I wish we were allowed to stone him to death. He should know the pain of burning a young child with a cigarette when a stone hits him. As the Sharia Law stands, he can be whipped. And this should be carried out so that nobody dares to hurt a child again. Children are God’s gift and we have to accept them irrespective of gender. This man not only killed a child, but also ruined the lives of two women. How long can we stay silent and watch women being treated this way.” [Read: After Baby Afreen blow,33 infants dumped in B'lore last yr]

Mufti Ashraf Ali, who heads the Darul Uloom Sabeelur Rashadh Arabic College also slammed the action of the inhuman father and has reportedly commented, “Even animals protect their children. There can be no forgiveness for this crime. What the religious law says is another matter. There are rules set by the administration too. Implement them stringently. Give him the harshest punishment, even the death penalty. We have made technical advancements today to the point where we can murder a child in its mother’s womb. But that is not what any religion teaches. Why is the administration not being strict to save our daughters?”

Senior Congress leader and former Minister Roshan Baig, however, chose to lambast the community that chose to ignore incidents lie such. He commented, “Our community needs to take up the responsibility of creating awareness about the importance of keeping our children safe whether they are girls are boys. We are screaming about the decreasing sex ratio in Punjab, Haryana and other states and yet, our girl child is not safe in her own home.”

He added that awareness is the need right now and stated, “Religious heads should use this Friday’s sermon to condemn the incident. When I return to Bangalore, I will talk to Imams of all the major mosques and schools of thought about making this a topic of discussion to educate people. As for the father, he should be hanged and made an example of.”

Shantinagar MLA NA Harris, also stated in strong words, “In our community, children are given a lot of respect. As a father, I am still in shock. It is the cruelest thing any human being can do. He needs to be hanged to death,” he said.

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