Coup row: Advani exposes reality of UPA Govt & Indian Army?

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Army coup
New Delhi, Apr 6: The saga over Indian Express' report on army coup continues as this time veteran BJP leader LK Advani broke his silence on the issue for the first time. Advani in his blog on Friday, Apr 6 went gaga over the controversy which has put the relation between the army and the central government at stake.

Advani in his blog claimed, "Government-Army ties at an all time low." The BJP leader also spoke about the then LG of Delhi police Romesh Bhandari. Advani quoted some portions of the book which enlightens all about the relationship between the central government and the army.

According to the book, Indian government was stormed by a rumour of army coup during Rajiv Gandhi's tenure as Prime Minister of India.

Some quotes from Advani's blog reads, "Immediately after the results of the General Elections had been declared in 1989, it was clear that the Congress Party had fared very badly. The legal procedure of dissolving the Lok Sabha had still to be gone through. Leaders of other parties were demanding this and Rajiv Gandhi was in the process of moving the papers to Rashtrapati Bhavan. The Election Commission, however, had still to notify the results. The dissolution of the Lok Sabha can only take place immediately thereafter."

The senior leader of BJP also quoted, "I (Romesh Bhandari) forget the date, but one night I received a call from Buta Singh, who was the Home Minister, that there were rumours about lakhs of kisans from Haryana and Western UP being mobilized by Ajit Singh and others to march into Delhi and Gherao Parliament and Rashtrapati Bhavan. This was with a view to forcing Rajiv Gandhi to dissolve the Parliament without which a new Government could not be formed. Buta Singh said that Parliament was being dissolved, but there were the legal aspects I have mentioned above. He said that I must take immediate preventive measures and ensure that no law and order situation arose till then. We could not permit such an invasion of Delhi."

"I (Romesh Bhandari) had received no such report, I called the Commissioner of Police, Raja Vijay Karan, and asked him whether he knew anything about this. He called back after making inquiries that they had no such reports. As the Home Minister himself had mentioned this matter, I could not let the situation be as it is. I summoned an immediate meeting at my residence at 18 Akbar Road. It was attended by the Chief Secretary Vijai Kapur who is now the Lt. Governor of Delhi, the Commissioner of Police Raja Vijay Karan and his top colleagues dealing with intelligence, security etc. I also invited the officers of the Intelligence Bureau and the Home Ministry. The fear as conveyed to me by Buta Singh was discussed. Everyone said that there was no truth in what the Home Minister had heard. Mobilization of people in such large numbers could not be done in a matter of hours. If there was any such intention, our sources would have got to know about it. I fully shared the views of all who were there and said that I would tell the Prime Minister's House and the Home Minister that there was no truth at all in the rumours. This is all that happened. Madan Lal Khurana projected this as an unsuccessful effort on my part to call in the Army. He should know better that no Governor, Lt. Governor or Chief Minister can call in the Armed Forces by himself. It has to be routed through the Defence Ministry."

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