Ramdev,Chetan Bhagat slug it out at India Today Conclave

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Baba Ramdev
New Delhi, Mar 17: It is a known fact on how politicians get into a war of words over issues of national interest and other topics, but this time around the scene was totally unexpected when two champions from their respective field chose to slug it out in a public space. While one person, is renowned Yoga guru, Baba Ramdev, the other is popular author and social commentator Chetan Bhagat.

The venue was the India Today Conclave that is underway at New Delhi when the duo launched a tirade against each other. The topic on discussion was 'Pranayam and Politics'. During the course of the discussion, Ramdev said, "Politics is not bad, just that we have a bunch of wrong people in it in India. People are disgusted with politics. What we need is a spiritual change in Indian politics. I've had to step into politics because politicians are not doing their work. Politics controls the economy and the society - it brings water to your houses. If politics runs everything, it must have good people to run the country. If Indian politics were on the right track, we would have been a superpower."

Taking on Ramdev head on, Chetan replied on Ramdev's comments, "You need to have tact and reasoning to be a politician. Values are not enough to enter politics. You need to understand how the country works. You don't. If you wish to enter politics, know the economy or hire experts who can help you. Only spirituality will not work."

On the sensitive issue of homosexuality, Chetan blasted Ramdev's thoughts and said, "People have a lot of expectations from you, but you'll take India back to the 16th century. What is wrong with homosexuality? Your values are wrong. The way you treat certain people on their community is wrong and needs to be understood."

Ramdev hit back on Chetan's comments and said, "If your parents were homosexual you wouldn't have been here. Homosexuality can't be the mainstream thought of our country. Homosexuality can't be one of the central ideas about India."

Continuing his verbal blows on Ramdev, Chetan added, "Why are you asking for a ban on the Rs.500 note? Some of us may have legitimate notes." On sensing that the yoga guru was loosing his temper, Chetan hit it right where it hurts and asked, "You are a yogaguru and you get so angry?"

Baba Ramdev commented on Chetan's taunt, "Do you want to convert our youths to homosexuals and drunkards?"

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