Trinamool Congress says it will not rock the UPA boat

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Dinesh Trivedi
New Delhi, Mar 8: With the Congress on shaky ground after the Assembly elections 2012, there are doubts on whether the national party will be able to weather the storm till 2014. Key Congress ally, Trinamool congress has allayed all fears by stating that they will not rock the UPA boat.

The matter was cleared by Railway minister and senior Trinamool Congress member Dinesh Trivedi when he said that the party will continue its support to the UPA. On the speculation that there could be early election, Trivedi said that it could happen happen “sooner rather than later”. He added that following the poll verdict in the 5 states, the Samajwadi Party and the Trinamool Congress would like to have mid-term polls so that they can improve their tally in Parliament.

“Why only TMC? I feel after yesterday’s results... If I was Samajwadi Party, I would be very happy to have a general election tomorrow so I can increase my tally because I have the momentum. The Trinamool Congress may also be happy to have a mid-term poll now rather than two years later. If there is a perception that there is an anti-Congress feeling (in the country) then, obviously, even BJP would want an election now. So if everybody wants an election, there will be election,” he said.

In a calculated move to lessen the impact of the possible damage his statements could make, he added, "I stand by what I have said but you have to understand that it was an idea exchange programme and not my views as a minister or a TMC member. It should not be taken in any other context."

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