Election result debacle:Sonia Gandhi blames Rahul, Priyanka?

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Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi
New Delhi, Mar 7: After a day of the shameful defeat in Uttar Pradesh, Goa and in Punjab, Congress President Sonia Gandhi finally came out of her shell and faced the world accepting the defeat "humbly." However, Mrs Gandhi's statements during press conference on Wednesday, Mar 7 had enough potentiality to create new controversies.

Sonia Gandhi claimed that "wrong choice of candidates" might be one of the several reasons behind the poll debacle in all states especially in Uttar Pradesh. Citing the Congress President's statement, many started asking - did she try to blame Rahul Gandhi? The AICC general secretary, Rahul was the main face and representative of the party in Uttar Pradesh. [Read: UP:NO Maya, NO charismatic Rahul but OLD Mulayam grabs power]

Congress has been wiped out completely by Samajwadi Party in the state. Congress was even routed in their stronghold of Amethi and Rae Baraeli. It seems that Rahul Gandhi's charm and charisma failed to impress the aam-aadmi. Even Priyanka Gandhi also tried to back her brother ahead of the assembly election but all efforts by the sister-brother duo went in vain. Even BJP got more votes than Congress in Uttar Pradesh.

Citing the election results, Sonia Gandhi said, "Maybe the candidates were wrong who we picked." The party president also claimed, "Price rise could have been a reason for the Congress not doing well in the elections."

Mrs Gandhi also informed that Congress party leaders will discuss reasons behind poll debacle with the state party workers and will try to learn lesson from the latest defeat. Will Sonia Gandhi stop projecting Rahul Gandhi for future elections. However, time will show what lesson the Congress party will take from this assembly election results 2012.

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