UP:NO Maya, NO charismatic Rahul but OLD Mulayam grabs power

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Uttar Pradesh election
People in Uttar Pradesh once again proved that they prefer their "own people" rather any "charismatic" "unknown" leader and the people also showed that they are no more ready to be surrounded with Maya-jal. [Read: The winners in the 5 states] Samajwadi Party swiped out Congress and BSP completely in the state. [Read: Stage set for SP young gun Akhilesh Yadav to be made UP CM?]

SP's celebration dented by post-victory violence
Mayawati owes her defeat to Muslims, BJP
Assembly election results 2012: The complete list

BSP: Won 80 seats
SP: Won 224 seats
Cong+RLD: Won 37 seats
BJP: Won 47 seats
Others: Won 15 seat
8:48 PM

Congress lost all hope in UP while SP is still trending in the list. [Read: It's time that Cong comes out of the Gandhi family shell]

BSP: 3 (won 77 seats)
SP: 2 (won 222 seats)
Cong+RLD: 01 (won 36 seats)
BJP: 00 (won 47 seats)
Others: 00 (won 15 seat)
7:10 PM

Samajwadi Party (SP) wiped out Mayawati and Congress' dream in Uttar Pradesh. [UPDATE: Sonia Gandhi blames Rahul, Priyanka?]

BSP: 7(won 72 seats)
SP: 11 (won 217 seats)
Cong+RLD: 04 (won 34 seats)
BJP: 00 (won 47 seats)
Others: 00 (won 15 seat)
5:52 PM

Current trends reveal that the Samajwadi Party has reached the majority in Uttar Pradesh, with reports revealing that Party Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav will take over the office in the state. [Read: Rahul Gandhi eats humble pie;takes blame for UP poll debacle]

BSP: 37(won 40 seats)
SP: 98 (won 126 seats)
Cong+RLD: 19 (won 18 seats)
BJP: 26 (won 23 seats)
Others: 14 (won 2 seat)
4:40 PM

Samajwadi Party (SP) crossed half way mark in Uttar Pradesh. The party started celebrating Holi in many parts in the state. [Read: Akhilesh's Mysore education hits Rahul]

BSP: 65 (won 25 seats)
SP: 155 (won 60 seats)
Cong+RLD: 33 (won 13 seats)
BJP: 26 (won 11 seats)
Others: 14 (won 1 seat)
3:26 PM

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati soon will meet the governor and will submit her resignation letter. Meanwhile, Congress started investigating the reason of this shameful election results. [Read: Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi trashed in UP]
BSP: 91 (won 8 seats)
SP: 173 (won 25 seats)
Cong+RLD: 44 (won 2 seats)
BJP: 42 (won 4 seats)
Others: 14
2:28 PM

Results of all 403 seats have been declared in Uttar Pradesh. It would be right to say that Akhilesh Yadav succeeded to hit Rahul Gandhi's charm.
BSP: 99 (won 2 seats)
SP: 179 (won 14 seats)
Cong+RLD: 49 (won 1 seats)
BJP: 45 (won 2 seats)
Others: 13
1:36 PM

Mayawati's statues won't be broken, stated Akhilesh Yadav, the man of the match of the day. [Read: Mulayam jubilant after UP poll result]
BSP: 84 (won 9 seats)
SP: 184 (won 23 seats)
Cong+RLD: 32 (won 4 seats)
BJP: 44 (won 5 seats)
Others: 17 (won 1 seats)
1:21 PM

Rita Bahuguna Joshi leading from Lucknow Cantt, Raja Bhaiya leading from Kunda, Amarmani Tripathi's son Amanmani trails, SP surges ahead [Read: UP babus gear up for changing power equations]
BSP: 99
SP: 188/ won in 1 seat
Cong+RLD: 50
BJP: 51
Others: 15
1:04 PM

Congress continues to shield Rahul Gandhi as the party spokesperson Rita Bahuguna Joshi claimed that the charming Congress leader (Rahul) helped them during the election time in UP. [Read: Cong shames Rahul; fails to charm UP]
BSP: 96
SP: 191/ won in 1 seat
Cong+RLD: 50
BJP: 51
Others: 14
12:35 PM

Mayawati likely to meet UP governor to submit her resignation. Mulayam Singh is all set to become the next CM of the state.
BSP: 100
SP: 193/ won in 1 seat
Cong+RLD: 50
BJP: 49
Others: 13
12:18 PM

SP is open for all open for all options in the state.
BSP: 97
SP: 188/ won in 1 seat
Cong+RLD: 50
BJP: 47
Others: 12
12:08 PM

It seems it would be a hung assembly in Uttar Pradesh as political parties failed to gain majority.
BSP: 88
SP: 192
Cong+RLD: 56
BJP: 53
Others: 30
11:27 AM

BJP became a silent winner in all poll-bound five states. The party surprised all with their shocking performance in Uttar Pradesh to Goa.
BSP: 93
SP: 172
Cong+RLD: 50
BJP: 53
Others: 17
10:24 AM

Bi-cycle seems to have injured the Elephants in Uttar Pradesh. Mulayam Singh's party is leading in the state.
BSP: 65
SP: 134
Cong+RLD: 58
BJP: 39
Others: 11
9:57 AM

Mulayam Singh Yadav led Samajwadi Party may start their celebration. counting for 300 seats out of 403 has already been done and the current positions of the parties are -
BSP: 63
SP: 124
Cong+RLD: 48
BJP: 56
Others: 11
9:32 AM

Mayawati seems to be in trouble while Rahul Gandhi and Salman Khurshid seem to have failed to gain the faith of the people in the state.
BSP: 57
SP: 113
Cong+RLD: 33
BJP: 54
Others: 10
9:21 AM

Strong showing by BJP in UP. BJP emerging as a significant pole in UP.
BSP: 43
SP: 99
Cong+RLD: 27
BJP: 48
Others: 07
9:18 AM

Exit poll results may turn into reality for Samajwadi Party, though BJP is also showing good response.
BSP: 36
SP: 85
Cong+RLD: 24
BJP: 45
Others: 06
9:10 AM

Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi's campaigning in Uttar Pradesh seem to have failed to win the trust of aam-aadmi as SP is leading while Congress has been left far behind.
BSP: 24
SP: 69
Cong+RLD: 19
BJP: 41
Others: 08
9:02 AM

It seems that Akhilesh Yadav succeeded to bruise Rahul Gandhi's dream as SP is currently leading during the initial vote counting.
BSP: 17
SP: 37
Cong+RLD: 16
BJP: 31
Others: 7
8:51 AM

Mayawati and Mulayam Singh Yadav might be very tensed at this time as BJP is currently stealing all limelight, though SP is also giving a tough fight.
BSP: 08
SP: 29
Cong: 11
BJP: 24
Others: 06
8:40 AM

The counting initially began only in those seats where BJP is strong, Varanasi, Lucknow.
BSP: 5
SP: 24
Cong: 10
BJP: 24
Others: 4
8:35 AM

Shocking news are coming from Uttar Pradesh. Exit poll results might be proved true.
BSP: 6
SP: 9
Cong: 2
BJP: 7
Others: 1
8:31 AM

Counting began in Uttar Pradesh for total 403 seats. Current position of all parties -
BSP: 2
SP: 4
Cong: 1
BJP: 2
Others: 1
8:21 AM

Counting will be started at 8 am on Tuesday. The countdown has begun. Will Rahul Gandhi be able to bruise Mayawati and her reign in the state or Samajwadi Party and Akhilesh Yadav will steal the limelight?
7:55 AM

Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav, Rahul Gandhi and their party members might have spent a sleepless night on Monday, Mar 6 as the much expected assembly election results will be declared on Tuesday, Mar 6.
7:47 AM

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