Chetan Bhagat takes potshots on Rahul & Gandhi family

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Chetan Bhagat
Bangalore, Mar 6: Chetan Bhagat the contemporary writer, known for his works that projects the mindset of today's youngster and the changing society. However, he also appears to be a keen political observer as well.

Bhagat took to Twitter ahead of vote counting and shared his share of brickbats on Congress and Gandhi family, though he claimed that he had nothing against decades old national party.

A day before the scheduled vote counting of latest assembly polls across the states, Bhagat tweeted saying, "If they win, it will be his victory. If they lose, it won't be his fault. Guess who?"

Assume that you should have guessed who? Needless to say. For those who find difficult to guess, he is projected as future prime ministerial candidate and a face of youth Congress- Rahul Gandhi.

As the counting of votes got underway, Bhagat yet again took to twitter as Congress party faced poll debacle in almost all the polled states.

He tweeted, "Yeh kya hua? Rahul G haar gaye. Phir se?" (What happened? Rahul ji has lost, yet again).

"Congress trailing in Amethi. In 3rd place. Decimation. Family moon seems in total lunar eclipse," he shared on twitter.

Later, mocking at the defeat of Congress party in Amethi and Raebareli Bhagat sarcastically tweeted, "Congress not winning Amethi and Raebareli is like a Rajnikant movie not getting an opening in Chennai." A good comparison, isn't it?

As the Congress was trying to keep Rahul away from any blame over the Uttar Pradesh election results, eminent political leaders of the party started to claim themselves responsible for what had happened and said it was not Rahul's mistake.

Noting face-lift drill by Congressmen, Bhagat tweeted, "Will be SO much fun to watch the Congress sycophants defend the family tonight on news debates. Sheer entertainment,"

He also posted, "The end of Gandhi's family stature as we knew it for the last six decades. Will never be the same. They are famous, but can't win elections."

And appreciated the voters for exercising their powers to bring change in the country, "I am happy that I live in a country where people are no longer enamored by a family that shields the corrupt and is too arrogant to talk," he said.

However, he also confirmed that he is not an anti-Congress man, "I have nothing against the Congress. Just develop a spine and stop worshipping a family despite their wrongs. Be a leader. Not a spoon," he expressed.

Looks like a political leader in making in Bahgat! Is he interested to dive in active politics, that is the talking point.

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