Corrupt leaders to be outsted like Gaddafi in India?

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Baba Ramdev
New Delhi, Feb 27: Yoga-guru Baba Ramdev after holding his day long fast in Goa on Sunday said that corrupt leaders should be outsted like slain Libyan dictator, Mummar Gaddafi.

Baba Ramdev talking to the media after his fast, in an apparent reference to the Gandhi family, said that only one family and party was responsible for looting India

"Those corrupt people who are in power, will be wiped off like Gaddafi. Only there, people used violence, while I am advocating democratic means," Ramdev said.

"I refuse to name them because our elders have taught me not to utter names of bad people," Ramdev said.

He further expressed in confidence that Congress would be kicked out of Uttarakhand and Goa in elections.

"In UP they (Congress) will not rise above fifty (seats) at any cost. We only hope they can at least fulfil their role as an opposition party in honesty and sincerely," said Ramdev.

Further backing the comments of Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal, he said, "He said that there are murders, rapists and looters sitting in parliament. They called it disrespectful of parliament. But when you have looters sitting in parliament, is that not an insult to the parliament?".

"There can be objection on the language or words used by Kejriwal but his contention is absolutely right," he added.

"There are criminals, rapists and murderers running our Parliament. I think our Parliament has become a problem for us," Arvind Kejriwal had said on Sunday.

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