Delhi car blast: IB and Mossad to look into Hezbollah role

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Delhi blast
New Delhi, Feb 15: With the Delhi police and other investigative agencies still groping for clues into the Israel embassy car blast, the probe is now moving in the direction of possible chances of a collaboration between militants in India and an external group that is likely to be the Hezbollah.

The matter was highlighted in a conference call on Tuesday between Indian Intelligence Bureau director Nehchal Sandhu and Israel’s Mossad chief Tamir Prado. The Indian side is believed to have revealed to the Israelis that there was no clear evidence of Hezbollah operating in Indian soil. But the fact is also that terror outfits like Lashkar-e-Toiba and Indian Mujahideen is sympathetic to Hezbollah and on earlier occasions targeted Jewish and Israeli interests.

Israel's premier investigative agency, Mossad has revealed that an "extremely sophisticated switcher was used to trigger the magnetic explosive." The recent blast saw the usage of the sticky bomb that was never used before in India. A three-member Mossad team is expected to arrive in India on Wednesday to assist Indian agencies. The Home Ministry has however clarified that there will be no joint investigation but will only provide inputs.

A senior intelligence official has been quoted as saying, "Mossad was of the view that both the hardware for the bomb and an expert to assemble it came from outside; while the execution was carried out by a local module. It is clear the bomb has not been assembled by an Indian terror group as they are not equipped to do so."

The Israel side further added that though the bomb was sophisticated, the execution of the attack was not up to the mark. The bomb planter in the motorbike is understood to have attached the sticky explosive to the right side of the Innova’s rear hatchback door instead of the left. If the explosive was placed in the left, the damage would have been massive since the car's fuel tank is on the left side.

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