Anti-Gaddafi men go the Taliban way, torture video surfaces

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Muammar Gaddafi
Libya, Feb 14: Shocking video of anti-Gaddafi protestors adopting brutal methods in a torture video have stunned all.

The video shows a terrified man in a Tripoli camp being beaten up by three anti-Gaddafi men who torture him with electric shocks. Saleh Barhoun Gersh, the man in the video, a shopkeeper by profession, is shown being beaten with cables, his skin being touched with electric wires and being bad mouthed, while he pleads for mercy.

Gersh had been a Gaddafi loyalist during the dicatator's regime in Libya, said a report in the Daily Mail.

One of the man in the video then threatens Gersh with knife and say 'blood will come from your eyes and nose until you admit what you have done'.

Sources reveal that the youths in the video are former rebels who earlier refused to surrender weapons and wanted to avenge those who supported Gaddafi in his fight. It is believed that the men drove across in armed trucks the al-Fellah ‘internally displaced persons’ (IDP) camp in Tripoli, firing across at crowds and scanning homes until they found men they were looking for on their list of suspects.

"It is however not clear from when the footage was shot or what happened to the shopkeeper.

"The fighters from Misrata have kept their weapons and vowed to capture everyone who supported Gaddafi. They come on regular raids to our three camps in Tripoli and take anyone they want. They beat them and torture them to get them to confess to rape and murder,” said a camp manager, Mohamed al-Mabruk, who handed over the footage.

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