US: Ex-aide reveals secrets of Clinton & Monica scandal

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Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky
Washington, Feb 13: It seems that the scandalous love affair of the former President of the United States of America (USA), Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky is back to haunt the former. This can be proved as fatal for Clinton and for his party as the country is going to hold its crucial presidential election soon.

Daily Telegraph reported that a documentary will be broadcasted on Feb 20 showing Dick Morri, one of the close aides of Clinton during his tenure in 1998, disclosing some secrets about the affair. This was the first time that Moris revealed secrets of Clinton-Monica affair in public.

"Bill said to me, 'Ever since I got to the White House I have had to shut down my body," said Morris who also informed about Clinton's weakness for the 23-year-old intern in the White House (Monica).

Meanwhile, a legal expert working in the White House, Ken Gormley also appeared in the programme and reportedly said, "There were almost sparks flying between them (Clinton and Monica from the first moment when they saw each other."

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