More trouble for Indians, $500 bn black money stashed abroad

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Black Money
New Delhi, Feb 13: Ambar Pratap Singh, Director of the investigative agency - Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Monday, Feb 13 revealed such shocking news which is enough to bring more trouble for Indians.

Mr Singh on Monday informed that nearly 500 billion dollars of illegal money (black money) have been stashed in bank accounts of foreign countries.

Media reports quoted Mr Singh as saying, "India has suffered due of illegal flow of funds. Nearly 500 billions dollars of illegal money is abroad."

"Maximum number of account holders in Swiss banks are believed to be Indians," said Mr Singh while stating another shameful information for all Indians.

However, many started criticising the CBI and Central government as the list containing the names of Indians holding black money Swiss Bank, is yet to be disclosed. Sources say that the central government has full knowledge about all names.

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