Norway authorities delaying to grant Kids' custody

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Oslo, Feb 12: Despite the Indian authorities' intervention in the Norway custody row, the Norwegian Child Welfare Services is following long procedures to hand over the Kids to their paternal uncle, Arunabhas Bhattacharya, as he will be the formal custodian of the Kids.

Sagarika Bhattarcharya, the mother of the two Kids is facing unbearable pain of separation from her Kids.

After meeting with his nephew Abhigyan, Arunabhas said that "Abhigyan was kept in good hands but he was traumatised. He was frightened, he was scared. When I saw him he just came and jumped on me," Now, he is hoping to meet his niece Aishwarya also.

The authorities had taken away the kids of a Kolkata couple - Anurup Bhattacharya and Sagarika last year on the grounds that the mother was not taking care of the children properly.

The authority took such drastic measure after they came to know that the couple fed their children with their hands and their Kids slept with them which annoyed the authority.

"My son was sleeping with my husband. They said he should sleep separately from your son," said Mrs Bhattacharya.

"Feeding a child with the hand is normal in Indian tradition and when the mother is feeding with a spoon there could be phases when she was overfeeding the child. They said it was force feeding. These are basically cultural differences," said Mr Bhattacharya.

Meanwhile, the Norway's Child Protective Service is a body which works for the rights of the children who survive in a difficult family situations.

"There has been a report in UN in 2005 which criticized Norway for taking too many children in public care. The amount was 12,500 children and Norway is a small country," said Svein Kjetil Lode Svendsen, lawyer.

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