Karnataka porngate row becomes a rage on Twitter

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Lakshman Savadi
New Delhi, Feb 9: The shocking incident where three BJP ministers were caught watching porn during the assembly proceedings has become a rage on the social media.

After much hue and cry over the exposure of the three ministers' erotic side, social media has ended up trending the incident on top with tags like 'Karnataka Assembly' and 'Porngate'.

Patil and Savadi were caught watching a porn video while they were attending the assembly on Tuesday, Feb 9 that garnered widespread criticism and left the ruling BJP government red faced.

The news spread like fire soon after the incident came to light and the public took to the social media slapping the government on the whole episode.

"Nitin Gadkari's speeches attacked Mayawati for erecting statues. BJP in Karnataka assembly had erections when creating statutes," read a tweet by Suryanarayan Ganesh.

"Apple is famous for iPhone......BJP becomes famous for iPorn:)," read a tweet by Arulkumar.

"Love the Media's role in exposing K'taka's. Hope this wakes up the Ministers to take their roles seriously," read a tweet that lauded the media for bringing the issue to light.

"Why is paidmedia interested in porngate? Where was the outrage over Rajbala's death?" read another tweet by VerseCannon.

"Media showed no sympathy towards Bhanwari Devi and Rajbala. But can't stay away from outrage over porngate," read some tweets that were written in the favour of media.

"BJP MLAs watched, few weeks back Congress MLA Mederna Actually did it and then even KILLED the woman!! Where are our priorities?" read another tweet.

"Instead of dumping ND Tiwari, who slept on porngate camera with 3 young girls at Governor's mansion, Congress celebrated Holi at his home!" read another tweet.

"Now days BJP has other forms of entertainment, sometimes its political sometimes its entertainment of this sort," read another tweet by HRD minister Kapil Sibal.

"BJP says they will Take Action against the Ministers. Poor Guys. Entered bcos of Election, will Exit bcos of Erection," read a tweet by Joydas.

"The shift is clear! The BJP now takes more inspiration from Sunny Leone than the RSS!" read Vikram Sathaye's tweet.

"BJP Karnataka Ministers said they were watching Bhanwari devi & ND Tiwari Movies to set there next agenda," read a tweet by Vaidehi Sachin.

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