Petitioner behind case against FB, Google face hackers ire

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Website hacked
New Delhi, Feb 7: In what can be easily called a tit-for-tat move by hackers and those who oppose online censorship, the website of the petitioner, who is also an Islamic scholar was defaced. He was the one person who raised his voice against alleged objectionable content on Facebook, Google, Yahoo and others. He was one of those responsible in taking the websites to court.

It has been reported that his site was defaced and left with a message, "Probably best not to piss the social networking sites off!" The petitioner, Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi has been quoted as saying to agencies that his website, has been defaced since the past one week. He has decided to file a police complaint in this regard.

Qasmi stated that the message dated '2012-01-03' was posted on the news and updates column of the website last week. Apart from the message on the home page, other sections in the site were also impacted. He added that his petition against the social networking sites had something to do with the attack on his website.

The scholar lives in the Jamia Nagar area in south Delhi and commented that the hackers did not want him to pursue the court case.

The website was inaugurated by former Prime Minister V.P. Singh on May 21, 2006 and contains more than 5000 pages. Run by the Islamic Peace Foundation of India, New Delhi, Qasim said that the site receives queries and cases related to Islamic law and issuing fatwa. He said that the site gets as many as 150 cases every day.

He commented, ", besides guiding people on matters related to religion and society is also a very forceful means of rapport building between Islamic Peace Foundation of India and common Muslims."

Qasim's plea seeking the removal of objectionable content from Facebook, Yahoo, Google and other websites is to be heard by the Delhi court on Mar 1.

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