Prashant Bhushan drags Digvijay Singh into 2G scam muck

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Digvijay Singh
New Delhi, Feb 3: After the UPA government was considerably ashamed after the Supreme verdict on the 2G scam on Thursday, there is more trouble in store when senior advocate Prashant Bhushan and one of the petitioners in the SC accused Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh of being involved in the 2G scam.

Bhushan has been quoted as saying, "In this case, Digvijay Singh is definitely involved. There are other senior powerful functionaries who are involved. It is matter which needs to be deeply investigated."

The verdict by the apex court led to cancelling the 122 2G licenses of 11 telecom firms.

Renowned journalist Arun Shourie had also lauded the Supreme Court's bold verdict on the issue. He stated, "The government should have done it itself. When Comptroller and Auditor General gave the report, they commented on these 122 licences and told that 79 licences out of 122 didn't even have basic conditions and rest you must have seen about the Swan. But the government couldn't do anything because of their relations with corporate companies and then they asked lawyers like Kapil Sibal to deal with the matter, and all this clearly shows that fraud was there in 2G spectrum."

Shourie also pointed fingers at former Telecom Minister A. Raja, Home Minister P. Chidambaram and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for their role in the scam.

He added, "The record which has been put before the public that A Raja's letters to Prime Minister, Prime Minister's letters to A Raja, Chidambaram letter to Prime Minister and the note of Pranab Mukherjee clearly indicates that what Raja did was under the knowledge and agreement of Chidambaram and secondly what both of them did was under then knowledge of Prime Minister, so now saying this that Raja is the only culprit then this is not right."

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