Beware women, wearing Sari may cause Cancer!

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Woman in Sari
Chennai, Jan 30: It seems that Indian traditional dress for women - Sari is no more safe for people as it may cause the dangerous and deadly disease - Cancer. The popular journal - Indian Medical Association, in its article published in Nov 2011, mentioned that doctors from a hospital in Mumbai revealed that a new type of Cancer has hit Indian women and they named the disease - Sari Cancer.

The magazine quoted doctors from Grant Medical College as saying, "We have treated three women for waist or sari cancer in the last couple of years." Describing the nature and causes of such type of Sari Cancer, doctors stated, "The sari petticoat, if tied in the same place day after day, can cause chronic irritation along the waistline."

"The constant irritation can result in scaling or pigmentation. But most sari-wearers don't notice it until it gets chronic," said the doctors.

However, doctors also claimed that this type of cancer does not affect those who wear pants and belts as the pressure is spread over a larger area, but in the case of petticoat and its string puts pressure at a single place.

Meanwhile, the doctors also assured women by saying, "If detected early, it can be treated with reconstructive surgery. But if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes then we need to remove the malignancy."

It seems that women may avoid sari to not get affected by such Sari Cancer with their habits of changing the position of tying the petticoat knot. It has been reported that doctors suggested their patients to start wearing the nada a little looser or switch to a broader string.

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