Naked dance video row: Tourists still visit Jarawa tribals

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Jarawa tribals
New Delhi, Jan 22: Despite the shameful controversy over the naked dance video of the Jarawa tribals, tourists are still visiting the restricted area in Andaman and Nicober island and several travel companies are making revenue with their offers to visit such places.

The shocking news surfaced when The Guardian reported that some travel companies are still offer titillating trips to remote areas to see their indigenous people (read tribals).

The newspaper also reported that the travel companies offer the tourists to experience to see the world's last primitive tribes up close in their natural environment and to enter into a new world to make their holidays adventurous.

However, according to sources, the Indian government has already taken the issue with the concerned travel companies. Earlier the tribal affair minister, Kishore Chandra Deo accused the government of letting the tribals to leave in beastly" conditions.

Here it can be recalled that Andaman and Nicobar police on Jan 19 arrested two persons over the issue. The two arrested men have been accused of taking money to arrange a visit to the protected land for Jarawas and video recording of the primitive and protected tribe in the island.

The controversy raised when a video was released by 'The Observer' which shows the tribals being forced to dance after the police was paid a bribe. According to sources, the 'human safari' is being overseen by the police.

The Jarawas are believed to be the descendants of early humans to move out of Africa and chose to remain isolated in their habitat in the Andaman Islands.

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