Cow urine to ensure BJP's victory in Madhya Pradesh polls?

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Cow Urine
New Delhi, Jan 18: While all political parties in a bid to lure more voters are adopting unique strategies ahead of the Assembly elections, the BJP has made a unique addition to their manifesto in Uttarakhand. They have said that if elected back to power, the BJP will engage in the production of filtered Gau Mootra (cow urine) in the state.

BJP has also promised that if the party is voted to power, animal products will be utilised by the party so as to provide shelter to sick and ageing cattles, said reports.

"Gau Mootra is filtered and cleaned to produce a concentrated juice called ‘ark’. This helps cure various diseases from cancer to injuries," said Thawarchand Gehlot, BJP Uttarakhand in-charge and national general secretary.

"Cow urine also helps produce medicines for the treatment of eye and ear diseases," he said.

He further said that cow urine could also be used to produce tablets, adding that Baba Ramdev in Uttarakhand and Kishore Nagar in Madhya Pradesh have made medicines using cow urine.

"The liquid (derived from filtered cow urine) can be used as a fertiliser. It does not harm soil like the fertilisers having strong chemicals," said Gehlot.

RSS, BJP ideological guide has long been promoting experiments conducted on the products of cow that includes the urine and dung apart from various medicinal properties to making a cola from cow urine.

Earlier BJPs central cow development cell had lashed out at the media for calling the Madhya Pradesh government's cow related initiatives 'superstitious'.

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