Chennai: When it comes to sperms, IIT wins

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Mumbai, Jan 18: In what comes as a shocker, a Chennai couple's unusual demand for an "IITian's sperm" has left many baffled and amused across the country.

A report in the Times of India said that the demand by the couple was made through an online advertisement which carried out across newspapers in Chennai.

Networking sites were abuzz with students comments ever since the news spread on the IIT campuses.

"Ideal candidate(s) should be IIT students, healthy, no bad habits, tall and fair if possible, but will consider the right donor regardless of looks, etc. Compensation is Rs 20,000 cash. Call or email ASAP. Please help us start a family filled with love and prosperity. References will be required and checked," read the advertisement put up by the couple inviting suitable sperm donors.

"It is bizarre. Such things are happening and being highlighted, too," said a student after the report came out.

"IITians are not the only intelligent ones around. Also, it's not that those who get into IITs are bound to be intelligent," said a student.

"Absolute rubbish," said another student, angrily.

In a sarcastic note, an IIT-Bombay alumnus said that if the couple were so conscious about their choice, they should rather look out for an "IIT-IIM" donor.

"It is sad to know that our society still believes in such tags. It seems people have found an easy way out-if you cannot get in to an IIT, just get an IITian's sperm for your child," said the alumnus.

Citing the money offered, another student said, "The amount promised is attractive."

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