Russian Spacecraft may crash earth on Jan 15

Written by: Ria
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Washington, Jan 15: A 14 ton Russian spacecraft is feared to plunge to Earth between Jan 15 to Jan 16, Russian officials claimed.

The spacecraft was built to explore the Martian moon Phobos. It contains 11 tonnes of toxic rocket fuel and would fall into Atlantic Ocean.

According to Russian space agency Rosocosmos, the toxic fuel would burn at a height of about 100 km, while the rocket will burn up in the atmosphere.

US Researchers have predicted that the spacecraft would fall between 02:39 GMT January 15 and 07:39 GMT January 16. But they are not finding the way to control the exact location where it will crash.

The spacecraft was launched on Nov 9 and it got struck in the earth due to propulsion failure and radio contact was lost.

The space agencies claimed that there are chances that the debris might hit people, but tiny - something like 1 in 20 trillion.

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