Fatwa against Surya Namaskar kicks off Twitter-war

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Twitter war
Bangalore, Jan 12: Muslim leaders in Madhya Pradesh declaring Fatwa against Surya Namaskar, ahead of the proposed mass workout to make a Guinness Book record, has badly hurt sentiments of people across the country.

To vent out their fuming minds, common people to political experts have taken the issue to twitter since the break out of the controversial decision by Muslim leaders.

Surya Namaskar has become a trending topic in twitter. This issue has drawn a wide rage of criticism across the nation, mostly from commoners. People are strongly opposing this decision and putting up debates to reveal importance and necessity of practicing of this yogic exercise for one's good life.

Though common people have no time to think over politics, as they are soaked in day-to-day problems and busy in running for their daily bread, they clearly see an unacceptable political agenda behind this move. That could possible hit the harmony of Indian society.

With #suryanamaskar, 'ashtag', tweets flooding the twitter wall, many have strongly slammed the Fatwa decision and ridiculed Madhya Pradesh government over the issue.

Stream of fuming tweets also included the information and Youtube links to trump the usefulness of this yogic workout.

However, Madhya Pradesh government has candidly snubbed the encouragement of the move by Muslim leaders and has given a go ahead with the mass Surya Namaskar plan on Thursday, which is likely to go on to make a Guinness record.

After all, Surya Namaskar is just another form of exercise that is quite oblivious of participants' gene, only giving good physical health in return, irrespective to one's cast, creed or the society s/he comes from. Let's not workout a dirty politics and subside a wonderful art that has been practiced for ages.

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