Bhanwari's poverty stricken children to die?

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Bhanwari Devi
Jodhpur, Jan 12: With the death of Bhanwari Devi and the arrest of her husband Amarchand, it has become difficult for their children to survive with the fear of dishonour. The eldest son, Sahil has quit his B.Com course in a college in Nagpur. A government school has thrown out the other daughter, Ashwini as she was absent for the last three months.

The auxiliary nurse, Bhanwari Devi went missing since Sept 1. She allegedly featured in a video in a compromising position with sacked Water Resource Minister Mahipal Maderna.

The three children - Sahil, Ashwini and Suhani are surviving with the meager pension of Amarchand's 70-year-old mother Pooni Devi.

“Our lawyer left because we could not pay him. My father is now represented in court by a government-provided pleader. We had very little to begin with, now there is nothing,” said Sahil.

The CBI had summoned the children to be present at the Jodhpur Circuit for the blood samples. Reports stated that Bhanwari's youngest daughter Suhani's biological father could be the convicted minister, Malkhan Singh.

“They called us, made me sign a paper on which something was written in English and took a blood sample. I was not even told why,” said Sahil. An advocate claimed that it was illegal to take the sample without the consent of their guardian. Sources said that the result of the blood test was still waited.

“The police left after my father was arrested, and so did the supporters. They said ours was a tainted family, and that they wanted no part of it. We have relatives in this village, but they are too scared to come home,” Sahil said.

“Since September 1, my brother and I have stayed at home. In December I went back to Jaipur to rejoin class, but was told I had been dismissed. The owner of the private hostel I was staying in told me my family was controversial and asked me to leave,” said Ashwini.

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