Astrologer predicts Cong fall; Mamata to emerge powerful

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Mamata Banerjee
New Delhi, Jan 12: With the Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee flexing her muscles and exhibiting her power ahead of the crucial Assembly elections in the five states, looks like the stars too are in her side. With Mamata marching ahead with full confidence with her fiery rhetoric, she appears as though she is a partner of the UPA rather than an ally.

The fact that the stars too are favouring her was confirmed by veteran astrologer, Lakshman Das Madan. He has also stated that her planetary configuration will mean that she emerges as a towering figure nationally. If the prediction comes true, the matter could pose some serious troubles for the Congress that is already facing some great resistance from the Didi on certain policy issues.

Lakshman also commented that apart from emerging as a national leader, it is likely that all important national decisions will carry the stamp of her acceptance or support.

The comments were made in a monthly magazine titled ‘Babaji’ that is edited by Lakshman himself in which he states that the period between Mar and July 2012 will mark a period of historical success for Mamata and that she will remain a strong leader. She will also support or initiate policies according to the cosmos.

He added that Mamata will make honest efforts to invigorate people to lead an honest and simple life, and to work hard.

Lakshman also made predictions regarding the corruption in our country and said that some important government functionaries, religious people, political leaders, business honchos, financial institutions and others will be engaged in corruption and other illegal activities between the period Jan 23 to Feb 23.

In a further blow to the Congress, the astrologer has predicted that the party will suffer a major blow with its majority reduced considerably upto the period May 16. Adding to it he said that serious cases of corruption and illegal activities will emerge against the party during the period Sept 2 and Nov 11. He added that a new Prime Minister will hoist the tricolour on Aug 15.

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