Parl fires up over Lokpal argument; LIVE coverage of debate

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Parliament of India
New Delhi, Dec 27: Mulayam: The accusations made against the CBI can also be made against the Lokpal itself. He added, "Reservation is a good idea, it will give voice to downtrodden people."

Mulayam Singh Yadav states the Bill in the present form will not wipe out corruption from the system.He added that democracy was bigger than Lokpal. He adds,"Parliament represented by people, it is supreme."

Lok Sabha adjourned till 2:15PM.

Sibal says that bill has been drafted keeping in mind the sense of the House. He also added that it was upto the Supreme Court to decide the constitutionality of the Bill. The Lokpal Bill is perfect and deals with corruption, he said,

BJP wants to utilize the occasion for political mileage. He also adds that there is nothing unconstitutional in reservation quota.

Sibal mounts the ante against Sushma's arguments. He says, "It is a political conspiracy. BJP does not want the Lokpal Bill to be cleared. Sushma is ignoring corruption in Karnataka while blaming the Centre on corrupt practices. BJP is ignoring corruption in their own states.

Sibal: Article 252 not applicable here since it says as per article the Parliament does not have the authority to pass such a Bill.

Kapil Sibal begins arguments and slams Sushma Swaraj's arguments. He says, "If you do not let this Bill pass, the nation will never forgive you. So this particular legislation has nothing to do with state public services, it has everything to do with corruption."

Sushma: Accept our amendments or send Bill back to Standing Committee. This Bill will not pass the muster.

Sushma tears into Govt's arguments on the Lokpal Bill. She says,"Lalu does not seem to understand that the govt has used to him to get their way." On this, Lalu Prasad Yadav slams the BJP and says that it is they who want to divide the country.

Sushma: This Bill is not for jobs, why have reservation.

Sushma: Proud that our 3 Presidents, current PM is from minority.Our PM is from the minority and the reason he's the PM is not because he's from minority but because he's a great Indian.

Sushma challenges Govt's quota within quota either on religious lines. She declared 'Don't try and divide India'.

Sushma argues that 18 states have Lokayuktas and adds that many of those have better bills than the ones you (UPA) have brought.

Sushma cites the Lokayukta models of Uttarakhand and Karnataka. She asks,"Govt is confused, two different ministers speaking in two different voices. Clarify if Lokayukta provision is mandatory or optional?"

Sushma: BJP has 2 constitutional objections to Bill. This Bill is talking of Lokpal and Lokayukta both. State employees will be looked after by Lokyukta. This Bill cannot force the states to take action on the orders of the Centre.

Sushma: It seems the govt has introduced the Bill angrily. She added that the Govt's Lokpal Bill is against the federal structure of the government.

Opposition leader of Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj starts her arguments on BJP's amendments. She highlights that the present Lokpal Bill is weak and ineffective.

Narayanaswamy: We have employed the help of civil society in drafting the Bill. He added that his party was always in favour of the Lokpal. He stated that the AICC session had given the green-signal to the same in 2010.

Lokpal debate underway at the Lok sabha on the landmark Lokpal Bill. Kapil Sibal and Shashi Tharoor from the Congress to lead the UPA arguments. Sushma Swaraj from the BJP to pose counter-arguments.

V Narayanaswamy begins arguments on the Lokpal in a combative mood. He said, "There is a need for the legislation of the Lokpal."

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