Government is sympathizing with the corrupts: Kejriwal

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Arvind Kejriwal
New Delhi, Dec 22: Team Anna key members Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal addressed a press conference on Dec 22, Thursday, ahead of the introduction of the new "weak" Lokpal Bill in Parliament.

Since the very starting to the end of the press conference, both Team Anna representatives maintained a furious stand over the government's attitude in drafting the bill.

Arvind said, "government is trying to play big brother. Most MPs, most govt servants, most corporates are out of Lokpal Bill purview."

"All schools, religious institutions, and clubs are under the Lokpal ambit but MPs aren't," he added.

Kejriwal accused the government that it is trying to control the civil society as they keep Lokpal completely under them. "Lokpal is a very dangerous bill which will be controlled by the government. The removal, suspension and selection of the Lokpal will be decided by the government," he said.

Pointing out at the much contentious issue, CBI, Kejriwal accused the government of making CBI completely ineffective by holding its reins. Heckling as Kejriwal was reeling under disappointments, he said, "They are turning the anti-corruption ombudsman into a Post office."

"Government will do the investigation and Lokpal will have to accept its reports. Lokpal is a centralized institution. If this is how the government wants Lokpal it will collapse in ten days," he added.

"All the investigations will be conducted by the CBI and the agency will be controlled by the government. Government says Lokpal will have supervisory control over CBI and CVC, this is a betrayal," he said.

Making a sarcastic attack on government he said, "For the first time after independence a government is sympathizing with the corrupts and it will offer free legal assistance to those indicted."

"I heard that P Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal were among those who drafted this weak Lokpal, who are said to be mastered laws. People who have drafted this bill either have no knowledge of law or are too competent to bypass law to help the corrupt."

Furthermore he said, "It takes an average of 25 years to dispose a case off under prevention of corruption act. The bill is silent on this."

When asked Kejriwal about minority row that has become a new sticking point in passing Lokpal, he said, "We don't want to comment on minority issue, let them talk on corruption."

As Kejriwal concluded his speech, former cop Kiran Bedi voiced similar sentiment over the new Lokpal bill. Upset over CBI's position in the Lokpal, she said, "Even the CBI is worried with this bill. It will amend CrPC. Lokpal will chop off top investigating agency's arm, thus people will no longer want to work with the CBI."

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