Mullaperiyar Version 2 soon - 'Kerala Periyar New Dam'

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Mullaperiyar Dam
Kumili, Dec 12: With the Mullaperiyar issue causing friction in the relationship between neighbours Kerala and Tamil Nadu, there are plans to build a new dam that is currently being carried out in midst of the sparks flying between two states. There are also reports that Kerala wants to rename the dam and call it the 'Kerala Periyar New Dam'. The suggestion was made by the expert committee who is conducting a study into the building of a new dam.

The present Mullaperiyar Dam that is partly under the Tamil Nadu control has been embroiled in controversy since the last few months. The Kerala side wants to decommission the existing 116-year-old Dam and build a new one, the Tamil Nadu side on the other hand reiterates that the dam is absolutely safe and that Kerala is creating fear in the minds of people for vested interests.

It was earlier suggested that the new dam proposed to be built downstream from the Periyar river will have to be given another name. The new dam is proposed to be built 336 metres downstream from the existing Mullaperiyar dam. The new dam will be 507 mts in length and 158 mts in height and will be made in two parts.

The expert committee had found that the site earmarked for building of the new dam that was jointly surveyed by both Tamil Nadu and Kerala was best suited for the new dam. The joint survey was made way back in 1979.

It was only after the new forest Act was passed in 1980 that further work with regards to the dam was stalled. After a couple of years when Kerala raised an alarm over the future of the dam and the danger involved in a case of a dam breach, they sought permission from the Forests and Environment Ministry to conduct a primary survey to find a suitable location for a new dam in 2010.

The expert committee later drilled bore holes in the rocks in the premises to come to the conclusion that the said venue was the ideal location to construct a new dam.

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