Anna ends symbolic one-day fast at Jantar Mantar

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Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Dec 11: Anna ends his one-day protest fast with National Anthem. The crowd of over 4000 begins to disperse.

Anna slams Chidambaram for sending him to prison. He says that his team will not break by false allegation leveled by government. Anna is ready to take donation from good and honest people for the development work. He had written letter to PM that all donation money given to political party should be audited, even one Rupee also.

4.30 PM

Anna continues his speech. He claims that if any candidate is rejected for once then he should not be allowed to fight the election again. He says that people trust the Parliament but the corrupt officials are traitors. Anna states that there are good people in politics as well, but criminalisation of politics is a concern.

4:05 PM

Arun Jaitley continues his speech. He claims that this movement has given direction we promise that we in parliament will force government to get the better bill.

3:49 PM

Brinda Karat talks about the selection process & search committee of Jan Lokpal, which is an important issue and our party will make sure that its done properly.

3:38 PM

Pinaki Mishra, BJD claims that CBI's director of Prosecution should be under the ambit of Lokpal.We want stronger punishment for officers guilt of corruption. There must be a proper debate on the bill. Politicians should not disrupt the parliament.

3:15 PM

Nikhil Dey, Indian social activist declares that if people get together nothing can stop them. He articulates their position- somewhere in between govt and Anna. He believes that Citizens Redressal law should be formulated.

2:45 PM

TDP Yerren Naidu takes the centerstage. He speaks on the issues of poverty, corruption, inflation in the country. CBI, lower bureaucracy, everyone should be under the ambit of Lokpal bill.

2:34 PM

Sharad Yadav, Janata Dal (United) chief expresses oneness with Team Anna, lauds Bihar Lokayukta.

2:12 PM

Brinda Karat, CPM at the centrestage. Talks about corruption and corrupt officers need to be checked. Talking in favour of Lokpal, she said that Lokpal should be bestowed with authority to scrap licences given through corruption.

1:53 PM

AB Bardhan, CPI leader credits Anna for bringing corruption to the forefront. One cannot ignore political parties in a parliamentary democracy.

Prime Minister and lower bureaucracy should be included in Lokpal.

1:45 PM

BJP leader Arun Jaitley addresses the gathering, demands for a strong Lokpal. All in power should come under lokpal. Prime Minister is most the powerful and should be investigated while in power.

1:22 PM

Arvind Kejriwal introduces politicians on the podium, who will participate in a open debate over the Lokpal issue. Reads out a letter sent by Congress on why they were absent from the debate. The letter read that the party will discuss Lokpal issue and a bill will be passed in parliament. Debate outside is premature.

1:16 PM

Arun Jaitley, Brinda Karat, D Raja arrive at Jantar Mantar.

12:58 PM

Medha Patkar addresses the crowd. The standing committee report shows that the politicians are not with the people and the three issues have not been brought under Lokpal.

12:44 PM

Party leaders expected to visit open debate in public at 1 pm on the Lokpal issue at Jantar Mantar include-Rajya Sabha member and opposition leader Arun Jaitley, CPM's Brinda Karat, Janata Dal president (United) Sharad Yadav and Biju Janata Dal's Pinaki Mishra.

12:01 PM

Arvind Kejriwal criticises Centre for their inaction in passing the Lokpal Bill. Reads out a letter written by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh regarding the tabling of the Lokpal Bill. Talking about CBI, he said that the government wants to control the CBI.

He further said that BJP misused CBI to save jayalalitaa in Babri Masjid case and Congress used CBI against Mayawati. Kapil Sibal banned mass SMS and Facebook because people supported us.

Why is Mamata Banerjee silent? We want to know why nobody from Trinamool Congress is coming for the debate.

11:37 AM

People in Anna's village Ralegan Siddhi also fast in support.

11:16 AM

Team Anna members, Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Sanjay Singh & Kumar Vishwas also fast with Anna.

11:11 AM

Talking about the Lokpal Bill, Team Anna member Kumar Vishwas said that the government was not ready to discuss the Lokpal Bill. He said that Anna would continue his agitation unless the government stoops in favour of a strong Lokpal.

10:45 AM

Anna addresses masses, starts with shouting slogans-'Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Vande Mataram'.

10:39 AM

Kiran Bedi addresses crowd, showers praise on Anna Hazare, talks about corruption and strong Lokpal Bill. She further says that best people should be appointed to Lokpal. Blames CBI and says that their almirahs are full of closed files.

10:27 AM

Anna begins his one-day token fast amidst chants of Vande Mataram.

10:21 AM

Anna Hazare reaches Jantar Mantar.

10:17 AM

Anna leaves from Rajghat, heads to Jantar Mantar.

10:07 AM

Kiran Bedi addresses gathering, talks about corruption free India.

9:56 AM

Anna Hazare meditating in front of Mahatma Gandhi Samadhi.

9:46 AM

Anti-corruption crusader, Anna Hazare who has who stirred another revolution against the government in what he called his "second fight for independence" began his one-day token fast at Janatar Mantar, New Delhi for a strong Lokpal Bill.

9:30 AM

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