Online Censorship:Netizens launch war of words against Sibal

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Kapil Sibal
New Delhi, Dec 6: Reacting to the Union Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal's comments over the screening of contents posted on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, netizens launched a war of words by posting several unique comments on Kapil Sibal.

The Communication Minister is reported to have made the statement, What do u think abt these derogatory pictures of Prophet Muhamad, MMSingh, Sonia Gandhi?Anybody will feel outraged.

It seems netizans were ready for a faceoff with Sibal on his plan to screen offensive contents against Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and religious leaders.

Here are few of them:

"What does he think? Is this Iran or something, and is he a dictator."

"The only thing that needs Censorship is Kapil Sibal's Mouth.Seriously."

"Won"t be surprised If Kapil Sibal tells us to sing British National Anthem "God save the Queen", in lieu of ours Queen = Sonia Gandhi."

NDTV tweeted – "Kapil Sibal: Want them to regulate content unfit for public consumption." But is he worried for Public or Congress party?

Chetan Bhagat: "Is Sonia Gandhi a work of Art that needs to be defended by Kapil Sibal ??"

"Kapil Sibal would wish he had enough money to buy out the entire social media and gift to Sonia Gandhi."

"Bet China's looking at Kapil Sibal thinking "Bande mein potential hai..."

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