BJP wants 'rollback', not 'holdback' of FDI

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Yashwant Sinha
New Delhi, Dec 5: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday asserted that the party will not relent on its demand for a complete rollback of allowing FDI in retail.

Senior BJP MP and former Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha told the media that his party wants "rollback and not holdback on FDI".

"The Government is trying to build consensus now. It should have consulted allies and Opposition before taking the decision. Our stated position has been that there should be a rollback and not merely a holdback or keeping it in abeyance. BJP's demand is to rollback FDI in retail not holdback.

"The Government should call an all-party meeting to settle the FDI in retail issue. The Government must take Opposition into confidence on all important policy issues whether it seeks a vote or not in Parliament. The Government took FDI decision when Parliament was in session. It should have consulted us. This Government acts first, then thinks," said Sinha.

"FDI is retail is not the way forward. There are 100 other ways to address the economic slowdown. It was not part of our vision document in 2004. In 2009 our manifesto clearly stated BJP was opposed to FDI in retail," he added.

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee claimed that the decision on FDI will be made on the floor of the house. He refused to comment on Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee's stand on the FDI issue.

"Parliament is in session. Any policy statement has to be made on the floor of the House. She is not a central minister, therefore whatever she says, I cannot say," said Pranab.

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