I Don't feel guilty, didn't do anything wrong: Jackson's doc

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Michael Jackson
Los Angeles, Nov 28: Dr Conrad Murray, who has been accused of Michael Jackson's death, said in an interview that "I don't feel guilty because I did not do anything wrong."

The court will pronounce the sentence of Dr Murray on Nov 29. Conrad was convicted for involuntary manslaughter as he gave Jackson a lethal dose of propofol.

The Prosecutors who sketched Dr Conrad as remorseless, urged the judge to sentence him to four years in prison while the defense lawyer said that he is in a prison of self-punishment and should receive probation.

The Prosecutors, David Walgren and Deborah Brazil claimed that Dr Conrad has shown no remorse for the superstar's death. He blamed others, including Jackson. They said that they had a series of media interviews with Dr Murray, which they have submitted to Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor.

But defense attorney Nareg Gourjian said that Murray will never stop punishing himself over the superstar's death. "In effect, he will be serving a form of life sentence. However, the offense was not willful nor intended. ... He is, by every account, immensely sorrowful and remorseful," he said.

The prosecutors claimed that Murray "acted as an employee and as a drug dealer and completely corrupted the trust necessary in a proper doctor-patient relationship."

Gourjian said that Murray has constant death threats due to overcrowding of prisons, so he must be kept in solitary confinement.

"Conrad Murray still has the knowledge, capacity and motivation to be a source of healing in the world," Gourjian said adding, "Though he will perhaps not again be a doctor ... he could educate and counsel patients about heart care and disease prevention."

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