Quake near Mullaperiyar dam; Kerala shudders in fear

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Thodupuzha (Kerala), Nov 26: With the Mullaperiyar issue gaining steam with time, the worst fears got more clarity when mild tremors were felt in parts of Idukki and Kottayam district in Kerala. The Mullaperiyar Dam that is in a dilapidated state, is situated in Idukki district that was recently understood to be a seismically active zone.

The series of 4 quakes were felt in the wee hours of early Saturday morning at around 3:14am. This was followed by quakes at 3.20, 5.30, 5.55. Though there are no reports of casualties and damages, the issue of Mullaperiyar is foremost in the minds of residents. They rushed out of their homes in a state of panic.

Authorities have reported a tremor of 3.4 in the richter scale. Besides Idukki district, mild tremors were felt in parts of Kottayam as well. Residents in Idukki district revealed that the after-shocks were accompanied by a thundering noise. There are also forecast of more tremors in the area.

With the earlier tremors causing cracks in the dam and with every small shake widening the cracks, the Mullaperiyar dam issue is being called 'Water Bombs" waiting to explode.

The Centre had commented on Friday that they will not engage in the issue immediately since the issue was pending before the Supreme Court. Both Tamil Nadu and Kerala were involved in a war of words over plans to build a new dam after evident damages were seen in the existing Mullaperiyar dam.

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