Mumbai: Dacoits steal tonnes of yellow beans in 20 mins

Written by: Ria
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Mumbai, Nov 26: A barge carrying 22,545 metric tonne of yellow beans was attacked by Marine Mafia and stole a consignment worth Rs 80 lakh.

Raju Kundalia, director of Shree Krishna Stevedores Pvt Ltd, who owns a majority of barges claimed that, "One of my barges Orien II that was carrying a consignment of 22,545 metric tonne of yellow beans was attacked. The dacoits walked away with 402 metric tonne of beans worth Rs 80 lakh in just 20 minutes." Kundalia added that this was not the first time, previously also such kind of incident had happened.

Kundalia complained about the incident to the director general of shipping and Yellowgate police but didn't receive any help. "We have become sitting ducks for the mafia. They come in groups of 50 people in seven to eight fishing boats equipped with swords, choppers and sometimes with firearms. We have a small staff and tandels of the ship are facing increasing pressure in the face of such attacks."

"I was nearly attacked by a group of goons who attacked us when we were onboard. When I intervened, one of them twisted my arms and was about to stab me but I escaped and locked myself in the cabin," said Omprakash Thakur, a tandel of SK 12 barge.

"They operate in a fearless manner. Neither the cops nor do the coastal police matters to them," said Ravi Mishra of SK 14 barge.

Kundalia had filed a complaint to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Tanaji Gadge and requested them to provide two more armed policemen.

"As we were nearing the time to offload the consignment, we informed Yellowgate police and requested them to provide us with two armed policemen. But they refused to do so citing previous responsibilities. They don't understand that such incidents are marring our image in international trade circles," Kundalia added.

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